Aaron & Marie Come to Visit

Aaron & Marie came up for the weekend. They’re Kerry’s bonkers friends. If you have the permission to scour Kerry’s Facebook profile you may find videos and photos from her youth where she’s cavorting with them both. Any meeting with them usually meant lots of drinking, screaming, laughing and suffering from the over excesses of the night or hours before.
As I returned to the living room from putting Darwin to bed all 3 of them were debating about politics and current world affairs and it was quite passionate. I immediately thought, “You’re all getting old!”

Aaron and Marie hadn’t been to Cumbria before so we went for a little yomp up to Rydal Caves. It was a beautiful sunny winter’s day. Darwin fell on his head and a comical lump immediately appeared. He was OK though.

Afterwards we got something to eat at Chesters by the River in Skelwith. Kerry loves it, she’s turning into a vegetarian you see and Chesters is a vegetarian place. I don’t mind the food but elements of it eff me right off. OK, the queue is always a bit off putting but the main thing is the staff, what a miserable bunch. And the worst of them is a chubby balding fella who wears glasses and has no communication skills at all. He makes me laugh he’s that rude but it would be no surprise to me at all if one day he gets thrown into the river.

It was lovely having them up, I hope they come again soon. Darwin took some images of them.