The Difference between a Spitfire & a Hurricane

This weekend saw another Wartime Weekend in Rossendale although it seemed very quiet this year. However, the highlight for me was a fly past up the Rossendale Valley by a Spitfire AND a Hurricane.

I've raved on about the Spitfire before in this blog, and quite frankly no amount of raving could do it any justice. I tried to enthuse Kerry but it fell on dead ears. "Yeah we're just sat on a hill waiting for some stupid plane", she said whilst chatting to her mum on the phone donning a face like a wizened kebab. Secretly it enraged me but I bite my lip about many things at the moment. She's a marvellous mother and gets a lot less sleep than I do. I've learnt that the best thing to do in the majority of instances is to role with the punches and keep my mouth shut.

Any road, I conclude that most chicks don't know or even care about the differences between the Hurricane and the Spitfire but most boys (I say boy, I mean any male my age and above) know about some kind of difference. And if they don't, they should!

The Differences

Downtime (re-arm, re-fuel etc.) was 26 minutes for a Spitfire and only 9 minutes for a Hurricane.
Spitfire was completely made of metal whereas the Hurricane had a wooden rear frame covered in fabric.
The Spitfire obtained a speed of 606mph, the Hurricane 340mph.
The Spitfire could climb to 50,000ft, the Hurricane 36,000ft.
The wings are different, the Spitfires are more rounded.
The Hurricane shot down a lot more aircraft than the Spitfire.
The Spitfire is a more beautiful plane.

"Spitfire Fly Past (as it might have looked in winter!)"

"Wartime Policeman"

"Wartime Lass"