Darwin and I went to a kiddie’s party in Lancaster on Sunday Morning.  Afterwards, rather than going straight home we went to the seaside, Morecambe!

I remember getting the train right to the promenade with my dad and spending many a happy day in Morecambe.  Going to Frontierland, riding on the biggest big wheel in Europe, playing in the Lido, going to a dolphin show on the promenade & cockling.  I wouldn’t describe it as dead now, it’s way beyond that, it’s decomposing, it’s awful.

I took Darwin in an amusement arcade where we saw a pregnant lady with a pram containing a sleeping baby smoking a cigarette and holding a can of lager playing a fruit machine.  You used to get that 40 years ago but smoking inside was legal then and people were ill advised about the effects of drinking and smoking whilst pregnant then.  The beach smelled, there was litter and crap everywhere and where buildings hadn’t fallen down they were occupied by tat selling traders.

Darwin did have his first ride on a helter skelter though and he enjoyed it very much.

I may go back, but this time I’ll substitute Darwin for a camera.