2 Scandanavian Birds in a Hot Tub

Darwin often talks about his friend Alida with great affection and often plays at being puppies, I think somewhat influenced by ‘Paw Patrol’.  She was 4 this weekend and we were invited to the party.

Most of Alida’s friends were girls and mostly unknown by Darwin so there was a little awkwardness at first and some reticence to join in, and I completely understood it.  Neither Kerry nor I are social animals and if we were placed in the same scenario I wager both of us would rather desert the party rather than make an effort to join in.  He’s different to us and before long he was playing hard with all the children.

Afterwards we were invited back to Alida’s temporary home complete with hot tub.  Darwin, Alida and her cousin all got in the hot tub whilst we chatted to Torgier (Alida’s dad) and his Norwegian Mother.  What splendid folk.

I joked about Darwin going to a party and ending up in a hot tub with 2 Scandinavian birds but Kerry frowned at me.