A Little Prick

I’m a big fan of English grammar.  I like that we have words that are very specific and descriptive but I also understand how a swear can be equally as effective and far more efficient at communicating the same sentiment.  At the weekend I was at a kiddie’s party talking to my sister and her friend, a mother of a child there.  She was talking about a little boy who was noticeably ‘obstreperous’ and had caused a great deal of frustration at a previous party.  ‘Obstreperous’ is one of these words, albeit specifically descriptive isn’t very efficient.  I prefer to be a little less descriptive and increase the description with efficiency.  A ‘Little Prick’ is a better description of an ‘Obstreperous’ child, and a little more liberating too.

Anyway, I didn’t encounter any ‘little pricks’ today, just a bunch of happy children.